Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites

One of the most popular ways for a product or service to make money in today’s world is to use crowdfunding aka crowdsourcing. A lot of people ask themselves “what is crowdfunding” and can never come up with a valid answer. Crowdfunding is defined as the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, which typically comes via the internet. Continue reading Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites

GreenGeeks is Environmentally Responsible

A lot of cheap webhosts out there tend to offer the same kind of features, whether it’s MySQL databases, support for PHP, FTP+shell access, and so on. The most significant ways that they differentiate themselves is in their pricing and quality of service. This is something that GreenGeeks offers in spades, and they do so in a rather unique way which we’ll go over in a bit. Continue reading GreenGeeks is Environmentally Responsible

Using Bitcoins for Payment of Anonymous Internet Access

The web can be a scary place at times. Considering the snooping of sovereign governments and companies wishing to customize their sales offerings to you along with a whole host of other privacy issues, staying truly anonymous online is getting more and more difficult everyday.

And If you are in a country that determines what you can see and what you can’t, the Internet is a place that isn’t as free as it was intended to be in the first place. Continue reading Using Bitcoins for Payment of Anonymous Internet Access

Quick Way to Bypass a Blocked Internet

All through the life since internet came into existence, a lot of people have had free access to a great amount of information. Naturally, pornography became accessible to anyone that has a computer and Internet access. Software developers immediately devised internet filters, with its target towards people who encounter a problem with this. Regrettably, these filters block out several websites whose content are purely non-pornographic, or contain mostly content that is very useful or so many interesting things that one might be longing to see. Unfortunately, these internet filters are exceptionally difficult to “hack”, and even with the vast knowledge about computers, people have not devised any easy means to disable a filter. Essentially, the filter has come to be a part of the operating system, which makes it very difficult to dispose or disable temporarily. Even if you had the intention to get rid of it, though, you might find yourself in a big trouble when whoever installed the filter discovers it is gone. Continue reading Quick Way to Bypass a Blocked Internet

Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain?

For a lot of online entrepreneurs, sitting at the desk for long hours can lead to back problems.  Even if you’re not experiencing any pain right now, it is a good idea to avoid getting to that stage before by taking some simple precautionary measures. This article is for those who could be experiencing back issues and want to do something about it.

If you have lower back pain then you must really know how important it is to getting a strong, ergonomic chair. When the kind of job you do involves sitting for very long periods of time (and this is beginning to be an increasing part of your daily lives) it can make actually make it worse and bring about chronic lower back pain. In actual fact, research has shown that sitting for a long time causes different health problems including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Fortunately for you, sitting in an ergonomically correct chair can be of great help and even solve some of these problems. Continue reading Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain?